Piper – Future of Home Security and Automation?

Piper – Future of Home Security and Automation?

The Piper Home Automation And Security Gadget, a nifty little gadget that combines a number of recently deployed technologies to create a connected and hyper-aware home automation hub, has raised over $100,000.00 in its funding goal.

Piper is essentially a pretty gadget that’s stuffed with a ton of sensors and WiFi connectivity, making it the hub of a connected house. It functions as a security and monitoring tool first and foremost, thanks to a panning wide-angle webcam and microphone. The companion app for Android or iOS will let you peek at your home anytime, from any network, and an integrated motion detector can alert you to burglars in real time. It’s also got a speaker and a siren, so hopefully it could scare off a potential home invader (or a pet, if you feel like having some fun). Pretty useful and make sense with integrated feature sets and low power computing becoming more common. However, isn’t a security device meant to be obscure? Sure, the Piper looks like a sleek modern device next to your Hi-Fi, probably resembling somewhat like a bookshelf speaker, nut wouldn’t thieves or burglars be looking out to disable something like this? I guess that’s where the other sensors, and battery back up comes in.


So well although there are also plenty of IP-Cameras already, this takes one step further with the motion sensors, and home automation function. Haven’t really heard of Z-Wave before, but it sounds simple enough to automate and with prices coming down, this would be a useful way to embark on home automation. The Piper works with hundreds of Z-Wave add-on accessories. In addition, by sensing your home’s environment it can automatically turn on or off lights, heaters, and air conditioners or run them on a schedule. Get notified when your kids get home from school, or when someone is calling your home phone.