A Closer Look at the Nexus 5

A Closer Look at the Nexus 5

As far as heavily anticipated upcoming phones go, the Nexus 5 is top of my list. We’ve seen it accidentally leaked by Google (during the Kit Kat launch), spotted it at a bar and seen it cross through the photo friendly desks of the FCC. Here’s another photo of the phone as we build up to the launch.

It first started with Google unveling the video of the new Kit Kat statue of Android, and avid readers spotted a mysterious Nexus phone appears in the hands of a Googler. Next, the Nexus 5 was seemingly left at a bar. And when that happens, people go crazy :)

So this new image, which apparently comes from a MacRumors forum member, shows more of what we’ve already seen: a slim build, big-ish camera lens, horizontal branding (similar to the new Nexus 7 2013) and a phone that might be worth lusting for.

Just more leaks and photos to tempt us, as the Nexus 5 hopefully builds on the success of the Nexus 4. A good quality Android phone with latest specs, yet, at a price point that none of the other manufacturers could compete.

Nexus 5 leak