Google Play Now Sells E-Books in Singapore

Google Play Now Sells E-Books in Singapore

Android fans in Singapore now have a new source for e-books. I loaded Google playstore on my phone today, which promptly updated to the latest version After prompting me to accept new terms and conditions, it gave me access to a new section “Books”

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Together with Singapore, Google brings Books to eight other countries : Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and New Zealand.

To browse your book, you’ll have to install the Google Books app as well. Google claims to have the largest selection of online books. So this should be a boon to all you readers in Singapore. I like having Play store as a one stop place to download all the stuff I need.

When you log in to Play store using your desktop browser, you’ll see access to books as well. And that’s the true beauty of the Google Play Books app, the ability to sync all your books across devices and also function as an online cloud library. If you are concerned that files reside in the crowd and you would need to access to books on the go, you can easily make your favourite books available offline.

Now we just need Google Music too! But why wait? Activate it with instructions here.