Samsung Gamepad? Why Not Consider a Cheaper Android Alternative

Samsung Gamepad? Why Not Consider a Cheaper Android Alternative

Samsung is about to launch the Samsung Gamepad – a bluetooth/nfc equipped gamepad for mobile gaming. The Samsung Gamepad comes with two analogue sticks that promise easy use for first person shooters, and the d-pad gives reassurance that you’ll be able to pull off those more complex special moves in fighting games. There are also the trigger buttons, a selection of input keys, a ‘play’ button to instantly get to the mobile gaming section and a generally better-packaged offering.

Smartphones are becoming the new consoles

The GamePad is a well-put together piece of technology, build quality is decent, and the extendable support for the phone is robust and should be significantly better than the China clones. But at approximately US$129 for the gamepad, that is crazily expensive too. The reviews on the usability itself has notb een too positive. The main joystick on the left-hand side of the device was ‘crunchy’ and made it hard to smoothly transition through worlds – I quickly found myself looking to use the d-pad, which is fine for the older titles, but today’s FPS titles need fluidity.

When you consider equivalent controllers like the Moga Pro or the G910 which are a fraction of the cost with similar functionality (albeit without NFC for easy pairing) you’ll see why Samsung may have a hard sell with this device.

In fact, why not consider the G910? The G910 Bluetooth Game controller is pretty decent, and comes with a nice Android App for easy game management.


Unboxing the G910 gamepad, it looks like a comfortable and modern controller *ahem* a xbox 360 controller clone. With two analog sticks, a d-pad, select and start buttons, the X,Y,B,A buttons, the “home” button, left and right triggers, and left and right shoulder buttons. This controller has about the same as the Samsung Gamepad but at a fraction of the price.

The game controller features a hinged and foldable smartphone holder. Lift up the center hinge and you will see it expands to fit most if not all smartphones in landscape orientation. This allows the user to have the phone placed safely and you don’t have to hold it with your hands while you are playing games. Similar to the Samsung Gamepad.

g910 controller review

The G910 gamepad connects to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other Bluetooth capable device. When you are connecting the G910 to your device, there are multiple options. The G910’s 4 modes are: Gamepad, Keyboard, Touch support Android, and Icade mode (only supported by IOS).

Connecting the G910 to your Bluetooth device: Press X+Home = Gamepad mode (LED 1) Press A+Home = Keyboard mode (LED 2) Press Y+Home = App mode (LED 3) and Press B+Home = Icade mode (LED 1,2). These are the start up modes that you enter depending on what you are using the gamepad for.

Available from AliExpress at around US$28 – From AliExpress Seller here.