Free $21 Amazon App Credits! (PLUS Free Apps too)

Free $21 Amazon App Credits! (PLUS Free Apps too)

Amazon is giving away free Android App Credits, Stopped by and saw this at Hardwarezone this morning for free Amazon App Credits and tried it out. Works great!

You don’t even need to spend a single cent, get free credits to get more free credits. The apps are normally paid, and many of them are actually quite good, so you’d be wise to grab them regardless.

Thanks to mr_voodoo for sharing.

This would be especially useful for the new Xiaomi Redmi users, or just any Android users.

If you do all 2 steps, you’ll get $21 of Amazon App Store Credit + GTA: San Andreas + 8 Photo Apps free.

You need a US VPN on your mobile, US Address, US Credit Card and Billing address.

Here’s the deal to get free Amazon Credits


There are 9 Photo Editing Apps Free today, downloading the apps gives you 100 free Amazon App Store Coins each.

To setup:

1) US VPN Access on your Mobile or browser – you can do it all through a browser)
(Hotspot shield will do or other free/paid VPN service you use, I used UnoVPN)
2) Setup US Address as Default (1-Click)(Most people should have a comgateway or borderlinks US address or just use any hotel room address: See below, stick to the vpost or comgateway address)
3) US Credit Card/Billing Address  (optional – not required for me)
(You can use a fake one as they don’t ask for ccv code, or setup your own Entropay Virtual Card)
4) On your phone – download the Amazon appstore.

8 of these apps work for most Android Devices, 1 Requires a Kindle Fire. Or do all purchases from the online browser after you install the app to your android device. You don’t need to have VPN on the device. You don’t even need to install the apps, just purchase through the store, to get them to recognise and credit you with the free coins.

Get Free 9 x 100 = 900 App Store Coins


Buy GTA : San Andreas app for 6.99usd or 699 Amazon App Store Coins to receive 2000 Amazon App Store Coins worth $20 !!!

But wait, we just got 800 free coins from top photo editing / camera apps above that makes the GTA: SA free !! Use a VPN on your PC and just buy it direct from Amazon website if your device is not supported.

Of all the apps here, I would say the one I wanted most was GTA: San Andreas. But I couldn’t install it on my device. Shucks, had to use the workaround for buying from a browser instead. This app is also the only one that requires credit card information.

Summary of Rewards

You have 2,143 Amazon Coins

9 Photo Apps x 100 coins = 900 Coins

900 – GTA : SA (699 Coins) = 201 Coins
201 + Free 2000 Coin Reward = 2201 Coins

Why was there a discrepancy of 58 coins?

amazon coins order

After checking, I realised I used up extra coins for my GTA purchase, due to the location and was charged “tax”. Oh well. 757 coins instead.

U$22 worth of App store coins to buy other apps you want to get all free of charge. Get it fast. Not sure when Amazon will pull the promotion. If you want to do this for other Amazon accounts, go to your Android device, wipe Amazon Appstore data settings (this will wipe all account information) and login on the alternative amazon account.