HTC One M8 Dot View Case Just Became Smarter

HTC One M8 Dot View Case Just Became Smarter

HTC has introduced more functionalities to the HTC One M8 Dot View case. The new update allows for wallpaper customization and easier access to notifications. 18 wallpaper default themes and the option to select a photo from your gallery or camera, to create your own Dot View wallpaper to reflect your mood, personality and style. The ‘redial’ function is now activated with a simple upwards swipe, allowing swift connection to the three most recent calls, and left/right swipes navigate smoothly through email, text, voicemail and call notifications. Settings can also be tailored to individual preference, allowing you to decide whether to display the last three calls or opt to ‘skip security’ completely for quick access.

Download the update from the Play Store (

HTC One M8 GPE (Google Play Edition) Users & Dot View App

Seems like the app doesn’t support wallpaper change if you are using the GPE edition on HTC One M8. There is no Personalization Menu on the Google Pay Edition of the device to access these features. You would have to use a third party launcher like Nova launcher to call the menu activity inside the Dot View App. This will bring you to the customization options. This is a workaround for now.

Screenshots below: