iPhone 6 Leaked Picture Showcase

iPhone 6 Leaked Picture Showcase

Ever since the change in Apple CEO, Apple secrecy and lockdown of upcoming device have never been the same. The iPhone 6 leaks have come fast and furious and now there are the following set of press / website images showcasing the iPhone 6. Looks like the ad concept art for the iPhone 6. There have been some talks on the function of the new hole that appears on the left of the ear speaker – could that be the environment sensor?

I can’t verify the authenticity of these iPhone 6 pictures, but they are mostly consistent with what we know so far about the iPhone 6. Also, they are similar to the leaked phone model shown by Taiwanese celebrity Jimmy Lin. On the other hand, it just looks like nicely photoshopped images aligned to previous iPhone 4 and 5 images. Could just be a concept for now. Some other interesting bits though – 100g phone? I am calling the bluff now as that is even lighter than a 4 inch iPhone 5S. With the larger display and increased battery size, it would be more logical for an increased weight. Maybe Sapphire is much lighter, I need to check it out. The 100g iPhone 6 was a rumour that bounced around in Feb this year.

Let me know what you think.

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