GearBest Bass Sound Piston In-ear Earphone Review

GearBest Bass Sound Piston In-ear Earphone Review

The Gearbest Bass Earphones are unabashedly very similar to the popular Xiaomi Pistons Earphones V2. The colours, styling, fabric braid of the extension cord, is “inspired” by the Xiaomi Pistons. There have been a number of people selling clone Xiaomi Pistons instead of the originals, so here comes one retailer who just drop the branding and price, to offer a no-brand, Xiaomi-style piston earphones at a lower cost. More importantly, do they sound as good?

Well, after listening to them for a number of days, I felt that it improved significantly after burn in. My initial impression was the bass to be overpowering, but after the burn in period (leaving it on playback for a good number of hours), the sound did improve.


After the burn-in, the bass was heavy, but distinctive enough. Slight issue on the bass was the lack of punch. I liked that the mids and trebles were sufficiently able to hold its own versus the heavier bass. The earphones come with the usual earbuds selection to ensure you have the right fit for optimal isolation.



Clarity was a slight issue, which links to the sound stage, it overall sounded a little muffled. Instrument distinction was a slight challenge.

Overall, they still aren’t as good as the original Xiaomi Pistons – but by itself, I would say they are a decent pair, especially if you are a bass lover. Perhaps the inherent design of the Xiaomi Pistons does contribute to the sound quality, I suspect the difference could be subjected to the component, or material properties, where the original Pistons use Beryllium Diaphragm.

These earphones are currently on offer now, at US$2.99! Use coupon code GBMI. Most people are still using on the freebie earphones that came with their phones. So for the low price, you get a fabric-braided earphone, remote control buttons that work on Android, an overall decent sounding pair of earphones. However, my gripe with Gearbest is the long shipping for the free tier. You got to be extremely patient.