LG CordZero – Cordless Vacuum Cleaner that Follows You

LG CordZero – Cordless Vacuum Cleaner that Follows You

LG’s announces the CordZero for IFA 2014, with an emphasis on powerful cleaning without cords. Implementing cordless technology on vacuum cleaners had never been easy due to the high and sustained power requirements.

Without a power cord to tangle up, the CordZero embodies a “hassle free” cleaning experience. This is made possible with LG’s advanced battery technology. Regular vacuum cleaners with cord have to have an output of more than 150 watts in average, while existing cordless cleaners have about 80 watts. However, the Cord Zero lines of cleaners can reach up to 200 watts. LG uses its affiliate LG-Chem lithium-ion battery pack which is usually used for electric vehicles. The vacuum cleaner can last up to 40 minutes, which might be a little short for a large house – but cleaning would be made faster with the new Robosense technology.

Robosense is unique to LG and is the world’s first vacuum cleaner that “watches” the user and automatically follows at a constant distance using motorized wheels. One of the major irritations for me when vacuuming is having to coordinate both equally bulky pieces concurrently: the vacuum stick and the attached compressor unit. Therefore LG introduction of a “follow” feature is pretty cool. Of course, how it would actually function in the real world remains to be seen. If my wife walks past, would the vacuum cleaner abandon me and pull the cord away?

The CordZero also comes with LG’s proprietary KOMPRESSOR™ technology, the world’s first motorized dust compression system that sucks up dust and debris and compresses it in the bagless bin for easier, hygienic disposal.

Good to see such innovation appearing in mundane household appliances. It is simple things like this that helps make cleaning a little easier. For the even lazier tech geeks, there’s still the robotic vacuum cleaners such as iRobot or LG’s own Hom Bot. But in my opinion, they complement rather than replace the full-sized vacuum cleaners, so the CordZero is still safe.

Image Credit: LG Electronics