Haltian Launches Thingsee One – a Platform to Realise IoT Ideas

Haltian Launches Thingsee One – a Platform to Realise IoT Ideas

Haltian, has launched the Thingsee One on Kickstarter yesterday. The Thingsee One is an open source developer device for Internet of Things (IoT) application and solution development. Thingsee One has extensive connectivity, with GPRS, WLAN, Bluetooth and Micro USB 2.0 built in, and is equipped with a variety of sensors, including a gyroscope, an accelerometer, humidity and temperature sensors. All to equip developers, hackers to realise IoT ideas.

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Maybe the Thingsee One can be likened to the Arduino, but it is even simpler, with a well thought up kit consisting of the needed sensors, battery pack, so that you, the developer or hacker can concentrate on bringing your idea to fruition. IoT is expected to be a 3 trillion market by 2020 (courtesy of Gartner), and the Thingsee One could be very useful to quickly and efficiently prototype and turn IoT ideas into reality. I caught up with Ville Ylläsjärvi, the Founder and Vice President of Thingsee Haltian, to find out more.

Interview with Ville Ylläsjärvi, Founder, Haltian

What’s the company’s X factor and why? Why Thingsee One over other IoT kits?

Thingsee one is the first market-ready developer device – A developer can use the device both for development and business – and test the solution in real life conditions without Hardware hacks. Thingsee One is smart – One can use it for personal purposes with Thingsee Mobile App, without any Hardware expertise. For the first time; Thingsee One brings cellular connectivity, sensors & long battery life in a waterproof design. Thingsee One saves time & money for developers, by reducing the need to build dedicated prototype hardware.

Why the name – Thingsee One?

Many aspects of the Internet of Things are around bringing real life data visible and actionable. Thingsee helps to see the things that matter the most.

There has been increasing concern on Kickstarter on non-delivery or discrepancies between promised specifications, how would you address this?

Haltian is a team of highly experienced engineers in wireless, electronics and mechanics. Our people have prior experience in more than 50 wireless products with Nokia – delivering new products to happy customers is very familiar to us.

There are quite a number of sensors within, what is the expected battery life for a typical use case scenario?

Battery life is very dependent on the usage & reporting interval of sensors, what sensors and how often. From the most simple smart movement sensor application with up to a year of battery life – to weeks of battery with intense telemetry applications. Thingsee One has a patent pending “Adaptive Power Consumption” so it is smart on how to use the battery.

What is the planned retail price of the Thingsee One and what channels would it be sold through?

Final retail pricing will be confirmed after Kickstarter campaign. During the campaign the prices vary from 149$ to 299$. Pre-Orders via Thingsee Web Store will be available after Kickstarter and we of course plan to bring Thingsee One to select retail stores over the year 2015.

When would the developer community be ready?

First version of the Thingsee developer community offering will be available for the Beta developers with the shipping of our Early Access Beta Program in January 2015 (available only via Kickstarter). In Late March 2015 we will open SDK’s for the general public. Our plan is to build a thriving community where developers create amazing stuff with Thingsee One.

GadgetReactor would like to thank Ville for taking precious time to complete this interview. All the best to you and and the team at Haltian, hope to hear more great news from you guys soon. Head over to Kickstarter to support them and get access to Thingsee One early bird / developer kits.