RestOn: Will this sleep monitor be different from the rest?

RestOn: Will this sleep monitor be different from the rest?

Sleepace launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new sleep monitor that promises to accurately measures sleep time, heart rate, respiratory rate, body movement and sleep cycles. It’s meant to be placed on your bed, and measure your sleep without you knowing that it was even there.

We all know that good sleep is important, and attempts at sleep monitoring has existed either through wearables like the fitbit or through apps on the phone. Wearables often feel intrusive, while apps drain your phone battery. All these without knowing how accurate such measurements are. RestOn promises to be something different. You can read more at their campaign site.

The first similar gadget that comes to mind is the Beddit. I actually supported that campaign as well, and I do use it at home as well. The technology itself definitely works. Based on the sleeping bad, the device is able to measure my heartbeat and movement, and from there work out my sleep quality. So I’m quite confident that RestOn would work well as well.


When I receive the RestOn when it’s ready, I hope to do a direct comparison. But off hand, here are some of the reasons why I think RestOn would be a much better device.

  • No need for a permanent connection. RestOn stores its sleep data in its device until the user is ready to sync the data. Beddit requires you to connect your phone permanently via bluetooth if you want to do sleep tracking. Doing so every night is destroying my phone battery
  • It’s longer. Beddit is currently too short for my half of my king sized bed. They say it doesn’t affect results. But I’m not so sure. RestOn promises you won’t have such issues
  • The band for RestOn looks much better, wider and less fragile. I worry constantly on whether the state of my beddit band is affecting the result.

You can see the roadmap for the device. The team is promising to deliver in a pretty short time. In fact, if you order now, the promise to deliver by Christmas. Pricing starts at $99 for a single device, or $129 if you want one by Christmas. Also if you support the campaign by clicking through from this link, you’ll get an additional $10 rebate.


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