[CES2015] LG To Showcase Latest TV Tech

[CES2015] LG To Showcase Latest TV Tech

LG would be demonstrating some of the latest television technology at CES 2015 – the latest upgrade to their WebOS technology as well as quantum dot technology in some of LG higher end LED models.

In terms of smart TV system, one of the better implementations besides an additional set top box like the Google Nexus Player or Apple TV or an XBOX One, is actually LG. Having acquired the previously Palm OS webOS technology, LG TV has undoubtedly one of the most modern smart TV interfaces and LG will be building on that success with the unveiling of their latest webOS 2.0 Smart TV platform at the 2015 International CES show early Jan 2015.

LG’s webOS 2.0 is specifically designed to enhance the key features found in the current generation of Smart TVs, resulting in an outstanding user experience unmatched by any competing system. LG’s webOS 2.0 upgrades seem primarily focused on user performance, with boot time reduced by up to 60 percent and overall performance improvement when switching content. LG provided an example of switching from the Smart TV Home Screen to YouTube, for example, users will see an improvement in loading time of up to 70 percent. Also new to webOS 2.0 is My Channels, which allows users to customize their favorite live TV channels or set-top box channels on the Launcher Bar for greater convenience.

While LED TVs are still making their way into our living room, OLED, despite being superior in quality, is still making baby steps mainly due to cost and panel size. LG is going one step further by announcing 2015 models that would be based on Quantum Dot (QD). Quantum dot technology works by harnessing nano crystals that range in size from 2 to 10 nanometers. Each dot emits a different color depending on its size. By adding a film of quantum dots in front of the LCD backlight, picture color reproduction rate and overall brightness are significantly improved. Samsung is the other big player in Quantum Dot technology and is widely expected to launch a line of LCD TVs with “quantum dot” technology too. We will see if LG was able to pip them at CES 2015.

That being said, all this talk about new TV technology might be exciting, but might see marginal improvements in the picture quality that our eyes can discern, compared to the premium in price.