Holeeday: Holiday Countdown Timer

Holeeday: Holiday Countdown Timer

Counting down to the next holiday? Curious to know how long is it exactly?

Not satisfied with just a countdown timer till Christmas, I wrote a simple webapp called Holeeday to tell me exactly when the next holiday will be. Public Holidays are just awesome, and it’s extra special if it falls on a Friday or Monday for the super long weekend. Perfect for planning a quick getaway. Hint: Just take the Friday off this Boxing Day for a well-deserved break. It can also serve as a scary reminder of the remaining days left for you to complete your christmas presents shopping. Tick tock, tick tock. A wise man does not wait till the last day and fight with the crowds for last minute Christmas shopping.

Holeeday is a simple app that automatically countdown to the next public holiday based on your country location. It detects your country location using freegeoip.net API, before querying up Google Public Calendars to check when is the next holiday for your country. The geolocation breaks due to heavy load from time to time, and there’s a mnanual country selection option when that happens and also for selection if you are curious what’s happening in other countries.

Check out the webapp and source code: Holeeday on GitHub

14 more days to Christmas! GadgetReactor wishes you and your family Happy Holidays!

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