Xiaomi to Sell GoPro Camera Clone?

Xiaomi to Sell GoPro Camera Clone?

Xiaomi will be revealing a new mystery product on March 2nd.

Check out their website for the teaser video which gives away a hint of an action camera, similar to the GoPro or HTC Re. The website keywords used are 极限运动,旅行,潜水,轻量级新品,新品, which means Extreme sports, travel, diving, lightweight, new. So it looks to be lightweight, waterproof, and durable. Excellent. In addition, it is definitely small as the video ends up with a picture of a matchbox filled with the video contents.

Keep refreshing the website for the various teasers.

Based on the file name, it could be called the Xiaomi Go.

Here’s one of them.



It is most likely going to be an action camera which have been a booming business. Go Pro cameras are the undoubted market leaders now but they are definitely expensive at around $400-$500. China have produced other Go Pro competitors like the SJ4000, but has not really taken off. Xiaomi is no stranger to such a scenario and their aggressive pricing strategy as well as quality products could see them do well in this growing market.

Definitely one to watch and while it most likely wouldn’t be coming to Singapore shores soon, you could buy it off resellers on Taobao.