Custom Cheap G Watch R Charging Stand

Custom Cheap G Watch R Charging Stand

I wanted a watch charging stand for my G Watch R, but I couldn’t find a cheap one on sale. I think it looks better with the watch prop up instead of the flat lying down look. Also, if you changed the stock 22 mm strap to a closed design, then a charging stand becomes essential.

I couldn’t find a suitable watch stand for the G Watch R or G Watch Urbane, and the full DIY route was a little too difficult for me. Ever since the Apple Watch has started selling, the market was flooded with tons of Apple Watch stands and I thought the shape and design was rather similar for the G Watch R. As it turns out, it can be adapted easily for the G Watch R.

By the way, there are ton of expensive Apple Watch docks. If you are looking for a cheap one, the below one I used is actually quite decent.

Back to my custom cheap G Watch R Charging Stand, the total cost can be had for under US$7.

  • Desktop Stand Holder Charger Cord Hold For Apple Watch (Yellow Wood) – US$4.85 Source: Ebay
  • Blu Tack – a new pack cost me US$1.45 (you might have some lying around)


The next step is to basically just stick everything together. It’s very stable and can hold up the watch easily when charging. The design can be improved with a right angled micro USB cable. I used back the original USB cable for now, but it is not easily stowed away. I think an angled cable can be actually tuck into the cut out groove on the stand, but I haven’t found a suitable one yet.

Also, instead of using blu tack, you can opt to use a magnet to hold the charging cradle in place instead. However, I wasn’t sure if the magnet would affect the charging mechanism, or whether it would have long term effects on the magnet on the cradle itself, since that’s what is used to hold the watch in place.

Some more pictures:

g watch r stand (3)

g watch r stand (2)

g watch r stand (1)