Review: GoGear Splash n Dash Speaker

Review: GoGear Splash n Dash Speaker

The Splash n Dash is a Bluetooth portable speaker under the GoGear brand, that’s splashproof, wireless, and suitable for those who enjoys singing in the shower or party outdoors. The big suction cup below allows it to stick on flat surfaces or even to prop up your phone. It’s rechargeable and compatible with any Bluetooth device (iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets, computers etc). I received it as a door gift at the GoGear launch event and here’s my review.

The GoGear Splash n Dash marquee feature is that it’s splashproof with a IPX5 rating (IPX5: Water projected by a nozzle (6.3 mm) against enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects). The simple “mushroom” design with the suction cup, means it can be conveniently mounted on any flat surfaces. The construction is solid, and looks like it will survive splashes and minor spills. It will survive falls too, as I have tried and tested with my slippery fingers. It may not survive a dunk though, due to the port enclosure for the micro USB and on / off switch which doesn’t look too secure.

gogear splash n dash gps2500 (2)

gogear splash n dash box

But, it’s also not novel. I called it a mushroom design because if you go ahead and google “Mushroom Bluetooth Speakers“, you will see there are many brands using the same OEM design, with rebranding by the respective companies. Prices are as cheap as $US5. Even Challenger own house brand Valore has the same splash proof bluetooth speaker design. OEM is not uncommon in the gadget world, and I’m not one to judge. Some companies do differentiate with the quality of the internal components used, and in this case, could be the Bluetooth ICs, audio DSPs etc. The Splash n Dash does look better than the many similar clones with regard to the rated playback time of 8 hrs, and Bluetooth spec of 4.0.

I stuck the Splash n Dash to my bathroom wall tile, and it worked fine in the vicinity of my shower splash zone. The suction cup feels secure but may not be suited for permanent mounts. It fell off after around 10 hours. The Splash n Dash is sufficiently loud, but audio quality is average. Like most other mini bluetooth speakers, bass is not surprisingly non-existent, but the mid and high tones sound sounded harsh and there was clipping on the high notes. There are 3 buttons which allows you to pause, skip forward and back tracks as well as control the volume. The only way to on and off the unit is on the toggle switch under the silicon flap, which is troublesome to get to.

The Splash n Dash, as with other GoGear products, will come one-year local warranty, and are now available at Mustafa and selected 7-eleven stores in Singapore.


As a self-contained bluetooth splashproof speaker with mount capabilities, it’s a useful gadget to bring along to the shower or kitchen when you want to have some background tunes and not too picky on the audio quality. Compared to some of the other Mushroom Bluetooth speakers, the Splash n Dash does look to have slightly better components, but it would be hard to justify at it’s current price.

GoGear Splash n Dash Tech Specs

  • Play Time 8hrs
  • Bluetooth Version 4.0+EDR
  • Maximum Range Up to 10m
  • Additional Features Splash proof: IPX5, Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Available Colors Blue, Pink, Red, Orange
  • Retail Price in Singapore S$49.90

About GoGear

GoGear is a relatively new brand and is brought in to Singapore by Hwee Seng Electronics. GoGear’s portable audio solutions comprises of colourful products from earphones to headphones as well as Bluetooth speakers, earphones and headphones. Designed to be fun and functional, the products are manufactured in tandem with a renowned audio brand. It’s an impressive brand too, GoGear is the latest addition to the portable audio range under Gibson Innovations. Yes, they are part of the folks that brought you the legendary Les Paul Guitar, with that rich guitar tone. Its portfolio of brands includes Philips, Philips Fidelio, GoGear, Trainer, Onkyo and Gibson. I think there’s still some work to be done on the audio and build quality of the GoGear products.

The rest of the line up include colourful earphones with fun names such as CozyBuds, Tunes, Sparklers, Turbos, Alumies, that range from $9.90 to $29.90, with the emphasis on being value for money. They come with a 1 button remote and mic for phone calls to play / pause music. I didn’t try out the earphones, but spec-wise, they look decent, boasting higher frequencies and sensitivity than the popular Xiaomi in-ear piston earphones. That’s just specs, as the frequency response and the diaphragms used would also make a difference to the listening experience.

I did try out the GoGear Easy Rider Bluetooth headphones though. It’s a lifestyle product and I think the angular cups look quite good compared to the boring round ear cup designs. Listening on it was pretty OK too, with bass adequate and a neutral overall response. It should suffice for most general users. It’s priced competitively at $69.90 (the similarly spec Sound Blaster Jam is priced at $69).

GoGear Easy Rider Bluetooth