NOAH: Desktop Cable Organiser designed by NUS Students

NOAH: Desktop Cable Organiser designed by NUS Students

Cables, having them lying around can clutter up an otherwise neat desktop – hate them or not, you can’t live without them. Wireless is the future but there’s still a long way before we can say goodbye to cables. NOAH is the world’s first desktop cable organizer that houses your cables with a simple twist. It’s the brainchild of three industrial designers from NUS who share the common interest in entrepreneurship. It looks stylish and the material used feels premium, in sync with your modern day gadgets and accessories.

Designed with basic necessities in mind, NOAH can efficiently store, organise and shorten laptop and phone cables on the tablescape. Yes, shorten your cables. The secret lies in both NOAH’s internal zig-zag structure and a quick looping gesture. Combined, this is the key step that gives NOAH the magic touch to extend or retract your cables. There’s a catch, the maximum retract length would be the size of the loop within the internal structure. The base of the NOAH is grippy and thus able to hold it in place when you tug on the cable.

There’s a whole lot of thought that went into the NOAH. The internal zig-zag structure is cleverly designed to do more. The taper form first organises your cables in 3 distinct levels. It also doubles as a springboard that pops the lid off when one nudges the structure. Last, even when flushed against a flat wall, NOAH can still support cable storage with ease thanks to the tapering. All this, in a small package.



The team behind NOAH has slashed prices by 40% for early bird special and more as compared to initial perks amount. Their project is out on Indiegogo and you can support them now early bird perks shipping in about 9 months time. Early supporters can get the NOAH for US$15. I saw the physical prototype and it works well. Twist the cable, store it inside, and it’s good to go. I like the sleek and functional design and there are different colour options to match your overall home / office decor. However, at US$15 for a cable storage accessory, it might still be a little pricey for some.

By the way, there aren’t many Singapore projects on crowdsourcing platforms, so if you want to boost the local tech scene, these guys might be worth extending a hand. However, the recent hooha about how Pirate3D screwed up their Kickstarter funding has left a sour taste for some, but these are startups, and there are risks involved in supporting them. Jia Yi and Ryan from the NOAH team shared they have already spoken to the manufacturers and secured quotes which they are confident of executing. The current prototype design is also quite functional and they should be on track to finalise their final production model soon. They clarified that there is relatively low risk and uncertainty for the project as there are no technological or electronics parts involved. NOAH will be made with silicon molding and injection molding, they are low risk production methods which will offer good consistency in product quality.

Interested to support them? Visit them here:

In a nutshell, the NOAH spots the following feature:

  1. Quick & Convenient Access
    NOAH’s lid pops right off with a simple nudge to reveal the storage within.

  2. Simple Gestures
    By forming a single loop, your cables can be instantly shortened.

  3. Modest Mechanics
    The humble zig-zag structure serves to organise your cables into 3 levels. It also serves as a springboard that helps with the lid removal.

  4. Snug Fit
    NOAH’s tapered design guides the lid to snap comfortably in place. Thanks to the tapered form, cable storage and removal can be done even when NOAH is flushed against a flat wall.

  5. Flexibility to Extend Your Cables
    A simple tug is all you require to ‘lengthen’ your cables. Likewise, a quick push allows you to ‘shorten’ it once again.

  6. More than Just a Paperweight
    NOAH spots an inviting surface for convenient storage of stationery, thumb drive, etc.