Review: Targus 16″ Grid™ Advanced Backpack 32L

Review: Targus 16″ Grid™ Advanced Backpack 32L

Talk about laptop bags and I’ll think of “bulky”, “cumbersome” and generally not a bag that I want to wear. But when my wife said she prefers to use the one from Targus’ new Grid™ series of laptop bags, then you know Targus has something good going.

Having passed the US military standard MIL-STD-810G, the Grid™ series is city-centric and designed to resist harsh environments. The series offers the ultimate protection against shocks, abrasion, vibration, moisture and dust. The elaborate protective system also protects laptops from damage, even after repeated drops from a height of up to 4 feet.

My laptop now gets brought around in a Deuter backpack. It’s light, and it’s comfortable. It just doesn’t protect my laptop very well. BUT! the last thing I want would be a bag that’s heavier than the laptop itself. That was my fear when Targus first mentioned that the bag was sure to protect my bag from ANYTHING. But hey! My experience proved otherwise.


What does MIL-STD-810G mean to you

It means that the bag is pretty much indestructible. At least that’s what the bag seems like to me. Heat, water, impact resistant. Wikipedia on the MIL-STD gives a pretty big disclaimer on the use of the MIL-STD on commercial products, but Targus claims that your laptop in the bag can survive up to a 4ft drop. That’s more than enough should your bag fall off from a table.

Video of Targus doing some very “unofficial” testing on the bag

Targus accomplishes this through 4 methods. First, the laptop compartment is suspended within the bag. Then the shape of the bag is held by hard memory foam. Hard enough to protect your stuff, soft enough to be comfortable when you wear the bag. Shock bumpers at the bottom of the bag, plus padded panels on both sides of the bag ensures all round shock protection for your bag. And it works very well. I first tried it with some bottles in the bag. No breakages! No damage after that when I tried out with my laptop. *suitably impressed* No need to take care anymore when removing your bag and putting in on the ground.

So is the bag actually useful

Video of how useful the bag is

 There are compartments freaking everywhere! Even the cushion for your back is a compartment if you really need it.

_20151123_202159 (1)

That makes 2 compartments in the first layer, 4 compartments in the middle layer, 4 more compartments (excluding that for the laptop) in the laptop layer. Side pocket for your water bottle. If you are a stickler for packing your stuff neatly, you have all the compartments you need. And the compartments are important. If you just dump all your stuff into the main compartment, you’ll never find it. That’s how voluminous the internals of the bag is. It’ll carry everything you have.

Right beside the compartment for you to put your laptop, there’s a protective tablet pocket with soft-cloth lining. Prevents any scratches to your tablet. Great touch. Most of us carry a tablet nowadays as well.

 original (1)The bag weights 0.98kg, but you won’t feel it. The good thing I like about the bag is also that the compartments collapse mostly flat if you’re not using it. I’ve had other bags that claimed to give you full protection, but feels like a giant turtle shell.

Being water proof and dust proof, means your bag will never get dirty. And it comes with your standard straps with breathable vents that any respectable bag will have. The bag is guaranteed to last too. Comes with a lifetime warranty.


Great bag. Definitely. Both for daily use, and for protecting my laptop. 5 stars!

As the name implies, the bag can hold any laptop up to 16″.

The Grid™ 16” Backpack is available in Premium 32L (TSB850) at SRP $259.90, Advanced 32L (TSB849) at SRP $229.90, and Essential 27L (TSB848) at SRP $199.90.