LG V10 Available in Singapore from 16 Jan

LG V10 Available in Singapore from 16 Jan

LG will be bringing the V10 to Singapore. Distinctive new features such as a Second Screen, Dual Front Cameras and Manual Video Mode, MIL-STD-810G certification differentiate the LG V10 from the competition.

The Second Screen is the most interesting to me. It’s similar in concept to the Samsung Galaxy Edge series, but with a horizontal orientation on the top of the phone. The Second Screen can be set up as an “always on” display to enhance the V10’s productiveness all without impacting battery life. Set the Second Screen to display the weather, time, date and battery icon when the main display is off.

With the main display on, the Second Screen can be set to convert to a dedicated launching area for shortcuts or your favorite apps. What’s more, when you’re enjoying a movie or game on the V10, the Second Screen will notify you discreetly without blocking your view.


The dual front camera improves selfie taking.The two separate lenses allow you to capture standard 80 degree selfies or perfect wide angle selfies of 120 degrees, without the need to pan the smartphone which increases the likelihood of camera shake. For the wide angle shot, the V10 employs a sophisticated software algorithm to combine images from the two separate lenses which are just far enough apart to provide two different points of view.

LG remains one of the few manufacturers to retain a separate battery and microSd expansion slot. Compatible with cards of up to 2TB, V10 owners can shoot as much 4K video as they want. And with the 3,000mAh removable battery, and with Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 2.0 technology built-in, I wouldn’t really need to worry about the V10 battery life.

The V10 is also quite hardy. Independent testing and certification firm MET Laboratories tested the LG V10 by dropping it from height of 48 inches repeatedly at different angles and found it to be “MIL-STD-810G”.

V10 will be available on 16th January 2016 retailing for $1,088 from M1, StarHub, Singtel and other authorized LG Mobile retailers. However it will face stiff competition from the flagship phones in 2016, which will likely start with the new Samsung Galaxy S7 or equivalent to arrive in around March.

Well. here’s 10 more reasons why you must get the LG V10 from LG themselves:

1) V10 is trendsetting the multimedia capabilities for both your consumption and creation – which have never been seen before in a mobile device
2) Revolutionary Second Screen works independently and can enhance V10’s productiveness without impacting battery life – can be set to convert to a dedicated launching area for shortcuts or your favorite apps
3) No more blurred photos with the innovative 5MP Dual Front Cameras while panning your smartphone for a wide angle shot – as V10 employs a sophisticated software algorithm to combine images from the two separate lenses to provide two different points of view
4) Futuristic Multi-view Recording can capture different angles by utilising all three cameras of V10 – to select and insert the version that looks best in your masterpiece
5) Offers you the ultimate in video capturing, editing and sharing – pioneering as the first smartphone to offer manual mode for video to easily create professional-quality videos
6) Never have to worry if you ever run low on power while shooting – as it only takes 40 minutes to get a 50 percent charge with the built-in Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 2.0 smart technology for its 3,000mAh removable battery
7) The ergonomic design utilises Dura Guard frame from hard bumps and tumbles especially at edges and corners while the Dura Skin has high resistants to nicks and scratches – thorough protection with the back grid pattern for a more secure grip even when you are on the go
8) V10 is the first commercial device to utilize Qualcomm Technologies TruSignal™ antenna boost technology – designed to intelligently optimize signal strength at all times with heightened connectivity for fewer dropped calls, faster data and better call coverage no matter how you hold the phone
9) New fingerprint sensor to unlock the smartphone and turn on the display simultaneously – along with the original Knock Code
10) Is consumer-centric by saving the hassle of having to switch your SIM cards when overseas – with the convenience of dual SIM capability