Netflix Singapore is Live!

Netflix Singapore is Live!

Netflix Singapore is now live. In a big announcement at CES 2016, the Internet TV provider announces its’ global availability in more than 130 new countries around the world. With this global launch, consumers from around the world will be able to enjoy TV shows and movies on nearly any Internet-connected device including personal computers, tablets, smartphones, Smart TVs and game consoles.

There are three price plans for Singapore – Basic, Standard and Premium. Main difference is the number of screens for simultaneous watching and Standard gets you HD, while Premium gets you Ultra HD content. The same time watching would be interesting and can be useful for family / friends to share.

If I can find three like minded friends, sharing costs can be as low as $4.25 per person. That’s provided Netflix doesn’t restrict access. I will sign up in a few days time, so that my trial extends into the Chinese New Year. Perfect for binge watching. Any takers for sharers post February?

Netflix Partnerships

LG Electronics also announced today that LG has initiated a global partnership with Netflix to facilitate the expansion of Netflix’s global on-demand Internet streaming operations beyond the Internet TV network’s already established markets (the Americas, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan). The expansion will bring an extensive library of high-quality content, including 4K HDR-mastered original TV series, to more markets in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. LG has been chosen as a primary global business partner of Netflix, due to the superior picture quality and performance they lend to the Smart TV industry and the Netflix viewing experience alike.

In the wake of Netflix announcement, I would assume that Netflix would be available officially through the WebOS store.