External SD card – Is it necessary?

External SD card – Is it necessary?

Looking back at 2015’s flagship, there has been a huge debate when Samsung decided to ditch external sd card support & external battery pack for its slim design.

LG, on the other hand, remains the only manufacturer that provide BOTH sd card support & battery pack. LG has been heavily promoting this feature over the globe. In the limelight of latest LG G4 bootloop saga, we are starting to question ourselves : whether external SD card support is a necessary feature on the phone. LG G4 users who are affected by the bootloop issue has one positive thing to think about : everything stored in their external memory card are safe. So, backup everything in hand & change default storage to memory card if possible.

On the other hand, if Samsung Galaxy S6 were to face this issue, the damage would be so much higher because everything will be completely wiped out.

Furthermore, with the latest Marshmallow update, Android users are able to combine external sd card with internal storage to expand the overall system storage. This is nevertheless a great news for companies whom are still introducing latest gadget with 8-16GB internal memory. One of the most famous case is Sony Xperia M4 8GB which leaves the user with only 1.26GB free space for user.

Unlike iOS, Android does not have the most straightforward backup system. Majority of the users do not backup data on regular basis as different android phone using their own backup method. Although Google provide Google Drive for backup, only a handful of the people making full use of this feature.

Hence, having most of the data stored on external sd card provide an extra layer of protection against device fault. Do let me know about your views & concern over external sd card.

Fast forward to 2016, we are a week away from the flagship Samsung and LG announcements, rumours are that the microSD would be re-introduced on the Galaxy S7, while LG remains to be seen.

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