Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Debuts with the S Pen

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Debuts with the S Pen

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is announced and will be available in Q2. The new Tab S3 now comes with the S Pen for even more versatility. Yes, it is like the Apple Pen.

Capturing Ideas On The Go

The Galaxy Tab S3 features an Improved S Pen that feels and works like a real pen. Featuring an elastomer 0.7mm pen tip with industry-leading sensitivity that recognises 4,096 levels of pressure and a slide-proof 9mm comfortable and stable grip, the enhanced S Pen grants users a more natural handwriting experience. It resembles a full sized pen which would allow you to quickly jot notes on the go with Tab S3. By incorporating some of the best ideas from the Samsung Galaxy Note series, I think it provides for a useful added dimension to the stagnating Android tablet market.

Users can quickly and easily bring their ideas to life whenever inspiration strikes, by simply using Screen Off Memo and pinning the memo to Samsung Notes, all without unlocking the screen. Consumers also have the option to pin their memos to the Home Screen and view it whenever they want.

Keeping notes, sketches and drawings organised is now easier than ever with Samsung Notes. With the addition of specialized brushes for Chinese calligraphy, watercolour, and oil drawings – users can mix different colours and quickly switch between brushes and pens to express their artistic talents.

With the Smart Select function, users can use the S Pen to easily create and share GIF animations while the Air Command functions, such as Magnify and Translate, allow users to hover their S Pen over an image or word to zoom in or even translate languages. Air Command also allows users to annotate PDF files with the S Pen so they can add notes directly to the document with ease. For added convenience, users can access their favourite apps in an instant just by tapping on a shortcut via the S Pen while the new Glance function allows users to minimise one app in the corner should they need to refer to information from another app.

New Tablet, New Specifications

If you watch a lot of shows on your tablet, and I am sure there are many, you would be pleased to know that the new Tab S3 comes equipped with Quad Speakers tuned by AKG by HARMAN for a premium listening experience, allowing users to enjoy multi-channel audio on-the-go. With its auto rotate stereo capabilities, consumers will be able to hear rich sound from the corresponding speakers based on the device’s orientation.

For the first time in Samsung’s tablet history, the Galaxy Tab S3 sports a Metal and Glass finish – a signature of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The look and feel of the reinforced glass is complemented by scratch-resistant, anodised AL5000 series aluminium for enhanced durability.

Out of the box, it runs on Android Nougat. It runs on a Samsung Exynos chip (seems to be the same as the Galaxy S7) with 4GB ram. Storage is 32GB but allows for expansion with a microSD. The display is on 9.7-inch QXGA Super AMOLED display the Galaxy Tab S3 offers users an immersive viewing experience. The Galaxy Tab S3 also features a 10bit HDR video playback so consumers can enjoy a wide range of stunning HDR videos with richer colours and greater contrast.

For times when a pen is not good enough, there’s a new Samsung keyboard accessory that uses POGO pins. It’s similar to the iPad Pro keyboards too.

Local Pricing and Availability

The Galaxy Tab S3 will be available in Q2 2017 in Black and Silver with both Wi-Fi® and LTE versions at major Consumer IT & Electronics stores, Telecommunication Operators, Samsung Experience Stores, and Lazada Singapore.