ASUS Smart Home Debuts in Singapore

ASUS Smart Home Debuts in Singapore

ASUS new Smart Home system has been launched at the IT Show 2017.

Promising anywhere control and monitoring, and an easy setup with a full integrated suite, ASUS Smart Home does look rather impressive. Pricing is rather expensive, but it would appeal to those who want an easy and also comprehensive setup.

I think many other smart home systems, at least in Singapore, is rather disjointed, and works across different brands and appliances. My own RF switches and lights and Broadlink RM Pro are all lying around the house without talking to each other. My Alexa R2D2 can control some of them, but it’s all a mess really. Sheesh.

There are quite a few home automation companies in Singapore that promises to help you navigate and circumvent all these but they are expensive too. At least, with ASUS, it is a one stop shop.

ASUS SmartHome devices can alert users to unexpected situations with sound or notifications via the free dedicated mobile app. State-of-the-art security technology from Trend Micro uses encryption to protect communications between devices and the app.


Package of – ASUS Open & Close Sensor, Motion Sensor, Gateway, Siren, Meter Plug, Temperature and Humidity Sensor.

Launch Price: $784
IT Show Price: $699

Purchase with Purchase – ASUS Smart Door Lock

Launch Price: $599
IT Show Price: $499

SmartHome Gateway

Smart Door Lock

Smart Meter Plug

Smart Siren

Open & Close Sensor

Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Motion Sensor

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