Review: Gatekeeper

Review: Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper is a Smart Lock for your computer. Passwords aren’t necessarily the safest thing, and remembering so many different passwords can be quite the chore.

The GateKeeper has the following features:

Password Keeper: Tired of typing your password every time you login into your computer? Gatekeeper safely stores your password and will automatically manage computer access through a seamless, high performance Bluetooth 4.0 connection.

Proximity Authentication: Our Gatekeeper network security device monitors your proximity and automatically locks your computer each time your leave your desk and unlocks when you return,making constantly locking and entering passwords a thing of the past.

Protect Information: Ideal for protecting sensitive data in commercial businesses,government, IT networks, healthcare industries requiring HIPAA compliance, and everyday personal computer use.

2 IN 1 DEVICE: Gatekeeper is both an information security and track/locate device, no morewasted time looking for lost or misplaced keys when Gatekeeper is also attached to the keyring, easily locate your Gatekeeper fob with Android and iPhones via our track/locate app available on Google PlayStore and the Apple App Market.

Easy Setup: Simple USB design for easy setup and to ensure your information is secured and to ensure there are no cyber security leaks.

Works with both Mac and Windows.

I tested out the Gatekeeper and was quite happy with its detection range. It allowed my computer to stay unlocked when I am in the proximity of up to 5 metres (same room), with the gatekeeper on a key chain. Once further, it would trigger the computer to lock – no more forgetting to lock your terminal before you leave, which could be quite useful from an enterprise / commercial perspective.

The GateKeeper itself is also quite portable, no taller than an AAA battery and about the width of two stacked coins. Comes with a holder for key chain, which has a metal ring for greater strength. If you have more computers, you can purchase additional USB locks and pair them with the same dongle for easy access to multiple devices.

There are a few security options, such as setting an additional pin, or setting such that you need to tap the gatekeeper to the USB dongle in order to unlock (instead of just being in proximity). There are also Windows notifications on the status of the Gatekeeper but it can be a little too sensitive with regard to the distance of the Gatekeeper. There’s an additional button on the Gatekeeper, which can allow for instant locking of the computer (you would need to be in proximity though).

A secondary feature of the Gatekeeper is locate and track. When paired with an Android phone, the Gatekeeper doubles up as those Bluetooth tracking fobs. However, after the initial pairing, there were instances when I couldn’t detect the Gatekeeper even though my phone was next to it. Doesn’t seem too reliable.

Overall, the Gatekeeper does it’s primary function well. The Gatekeeper can be purchased directly from at US$49.99 each, or you can buy a bundle pack at US$89.99 for two. Use 15off for an extra 15% off. Free shipping is available for US orders that are above $60, or for international orders over $100.