Sudio Nivå Earphones Review

Sudio Nivå Earphones Review

The Sudio Niva are the first truly wireless earbuds in the Sudio audio accessories range. With so many high end phones dropping the 3.5mm jack, it’s time to consider a good pair of Bluetooth earbuds. This is a review unit and let’s find out how they perform.

The packaging is simple, minimalistic and clean. We open up the packaging to reveal the case for the earbuds, which also doubles up as the on-the-go charging case. It’ a clean look, with the product name embossed on the top of the casing. Open it to reveal the two wireless earbuds within. Upon picking it up, the weight, or more accurately, the lack thereof, is immediately noticeable. It feels like cheap plastic. Inside the box you would also find the other accessories such as different sized earbud tips, the USB cable for charging the case, and the guides and warranty card.

The two earpieces are minimalistic in design, and thankfully, feels more sturdy than the case. It has a smooth rubber-type texture that should survive a little outdoor action. There’s only a single button on the earbud, which has a metal concentric design, it does look rather nice. While wires are a thing of the past on the Sudio Niva, there is a trade off. Compared to the usual Bluetooth wired earphones, the Niva ear buds are bigger and they might look rather weird popping out from your ear.


Drivers: 6.2mm dynamic driver
Frequency response: 18 Hz – 22 KHz
Sensitivity: 105 dB
Impedance: 32 Ω
Input: Bluetooth 4.2 (SBC)
Battery life: 3.5 hours playback, charging case provides 3 charges
Charging: 10 minutes quick charging, 60 minutes to full charge
Weight: 10g

The earbuds are powered on separately, but will automatically look for its peer when on, and will also notify you which is the left and right channel. For first use, you would need to put it in pairing mode by holding on to the button for three seconds. To power it off, just pop it back into the case and it will power down and initiate charging.

There is a single multi colour LED on each earbud, which help indicates its current status. Red for charging / pairing mode and blue (blinks every few seconds) when connected. The light can be rather bright so it could be distracting if you are using it at night or In a dark environment. I would have preferred it to be more discreet – but nothing a little tape or Sugru can’t solve.

Here’s how the white one look.

Sound Quality

I was generally satisfied by the sound on these earbuds. The sound isolation was excellent, which does improve the low bass response. I wouldn’t term the bass as heavy. It’s controlled and sufficiently strong to make its presence felt yet not overpowering. Generally for such earphones, the mid and high ends are pretty decent and it’s the same for the Sudio Niva.

Overall, I do find that the Sudio Niva on the scale of warm to bright sounding would probably be considered more “bright”.


You can purchase the Sudio Niva from places such as Courts. Alternatively, they offer free worldwide shipping with DHL, which usually takes less than 5 days to reach Singapore. In addition, all purchase from their official website comes with 1 year international warranty. You can check them out at the link here. ON top of that, enter coupon code Gadgetreactor15 for 15% off!