Review: Gemini One Mouse

Review: Gemini One Mouse

The Gemini One is SuperSolid’s first gaming mouse, and the key advantage to it is the level of customization available. All the way from the response of the mouse, to the physical look and features, the Gemini One comes with various options to let you tweak the mouse to meet your specific requirement.


In terms of design, the Gemini One offers a clean and sleek look, without the sharp angles sported by other gaming mice. It is an average size, fully symmetrical mouse, even the side buttons have two on each side, making it suitable for both left-handers and right-handers. You can choose to remove the unused side buttons with button caps if you wish. The mouse fits nicely in my hand and generally quite comfortable to use over long durations.

The bottom of the mouse comes with RGB leds which you can customise the lighting interval and colours. There are different modes that you can choose from. There’s a choice to swap the cover for a honeycomb cover as compared to an all black cover. Both covers are magnetic, making it easy to snap on / off. The honeycomb is full porous and offers a look at the mouse internals. It is an interesting touch, but I am not sure if dust accumulation over time might be an issue. One advantage of the honeycomb cover is that it is lighter (by 3g) and also helps improve airflow, which could help those with sweaty palms. The black cover on the other hand is standard fare, with the mouse logo embossed on the bottom. I would have preferred if the logo on the black cover could be made translucent to allow the internal RGB LED to glow through.


That same internal LED is synchronised with the middle button LED. It’s function is to reflect the sensitivity of the mouse. Red is the lowest DPI and purple is the highest. Although it’s useful to have a DPI toggle, but it may not be that practical in game as you would have to cycle across the whole range if you want to switch back to a previous DPI. The Gemini One uses a DPI Pixart 3389 sensor, which seems to be one of the better mouse sensors currently available.

As for the other buttons, there are four side buttons, and a bottom button, which controls the bottom RGB LED lighting. As mentioned earlier, SuperSolid has included in button covers for the side button if you wish to remove them.

Other than that, another unique feature of the mouse is the ability to customise the weight of the mouse. There’s a 12 weights adjustable system that you can slot into the mouse body after removing the cover. I found that adding weights helps to stabilise the mouse tracking, and it will be less twitchy. I think for me adding about 4-5 weights seems to be a comfortable balance. It all boils down to personal preference, allowing users to find their optimal mouse weight for maximum control and flexibility.

The SuperSolid Gemini One is available at $89 on the Dreamcore Official Store on Lazada and $69 when bundled with a Dreamcore PC on Dreamcore’s website.

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