LUXROBO brings MODI, the next generation of smart construction toys to Singapore

LUXROBO brings MODI, the next generation of smart construction toys to Singapore

As kids, our idea of STEM might have started with Lego blocks. However, in today’s world, Lego and other toys are now combined with high-tech robots that help turn learning about engineering, coding, and math into fun. STEM-related activities are surely part of our children curriculum, and such toys can help inculcate these lessons and give them the chance to be creative on their own outside the classroom.

LUXROBO is a robotics company from South Korea that creates products that make electrical appliances smarter and easier to use. They develop educational robots, IoT platforms, and modular robotics kits, with their product MODI as a turnkey edutainment solution.

The MODI smart construction toys have over 14 different programmable modules that work in conjunction with the curriculum, and the MODI kit that enables programming and customisation. This results in almost limitless creations that are bounded only by the imagination. The toys have no open circuits as well, making them safe for children of all ages.

MODI is envisioned to be the turnkey edutainment product of the future – a suite of smart construction toys supported by a framework for the coding education of the future accessible from as early as pre-school. Tailored curricula for students of all levels have been co-developed by LUXROBO’s in-house education team with multiple theses on AI and software under their belt alongside educational institutions across the world.

“In the future, 99% of jobs will need to use robots or computers. It is essential for our next generation to learn how to code and use software because that is the way we will communicate in the future.” Says Sang Hun Oh, CEO of LUXROBO.

In South Korea alone, LUXROBO has sold more than 50,000 MODI units, with 1,000 schools using MODI as part of their curriculum. The successful adoption in South Korea’s education system has led to the MOU between LUXROBO and SEAMEO (The Southeast Asia Ministers of Education Organization). The intergovernmental organization comprises the ministers of Education in the eleven Southeast Asian countries, and they recognise LUXROBO’s traction in South Korea as a successful case study to be considered for the education system in the region.

LUXROBO has sealed major distribution deals worth US$ 3M with their turnkey edutainment product, MODI in Japan, China, and Mongolia. The company plans to ride the momentum with an expansion in SEA by Q1 2022. LUXROBO is prioritising Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines as the focus of the expansion.