Eubiq Review: The Power Socket Revisited

As home gadgets go, the power socket might be the least exciting thing, but with an increasingly connected world, they can be quite a precious commodity in your home or room.Eubiq is a local Singapore company that is trying to revolutionise the power outlet concept. Eubiq offers a series of modern-looking modular power strips or systems that looks to change the way we think about power strips.

Each of us today now own so many more personal devices. You got your mobile phone charger, tablet, smartwatch, laptop, computer, TV, router, Cable TV Box, gaming console, etc etc etc. All these devices use electricity and we don’t have the luxury of keeping pace by redesigning the electrical supply for your place, be it office or home. It gets worse when you factor in your family members too. That limitation holds us back from having electrical appliances / gadgets where we want them. You can use an extension cord, which many of us do, but that just doesn’t look very good, and really leave behind one web of tangled cable mess.

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