LolliFlash, The Gadget Accessory for Selfie Lovers

LolliFlash is an ultra-portable external LED flash that is small, portable and can be used with any phone by simply plugging it in the earjack. With a dual LED-colour flash, it makes your selfies more natural looking when in low light conditions. It has different filters of red and blue to change the lighting plus 3 light intensity settings for you to customize. It runs on battery thus it can be brought to be used anywhere, anytime.

Despite the name, it’s not really a flash. I was confused as there didn’t seem to be an control mechanism, or how it would sync to your photo taking application. The audio jack is actually just a placeholder to mount it in place. How do you use it then? It’s more of a LED light, with a separate on / off switch to provide fill light to your photos.

That’s a little less useful. See it in action here. It’s in Chinese, but pretty much self-explanatory:

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