LG Announces Mid-Range Phone Magna LTE for Singapore

The LG Magna LTE is the latest LG mid-range smartphone to be available in Singapore. If you are looking for a budget alternative to the LG G4, then the Magna comes close in terms of design and with a subtle curved display.

As LG describes, the Magna LTE sees the pairing of the most essential hardware with LG’s premium design elements and user experience. The LG Magna LTE is designed to fit more comfortably in the palm of one’s hand with its subtle 3000mm radius curved display. In-cell touch display technology on the Magna brings the on-screen images closer to the fingers for improved sensitivity and more direct touch response. In addition, LG is carrying over popular UX features originally designed for its premium smartphones. Gesture Shot, for instance, makes it easy to take selfies with a hand gesture that starts a three-second countdown. Glance View allows users to quickly access key information such as time, recent messages or missed calls with a simple downward swipe of the screen, even when the display is off.

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