LG Minibeam Nano: LED Projector in a Tiny Package

The miniscule LG Minibeam Nano PV150G delivers high mobility and versatility to consumers for an enjoyable cinematic experience without the inconvenience of wires and weight.

LG is offering the Minibeam Nano as a free gift for selected TV models as part of their LG Red Fair promotion. Mobile projectors can be quite the fun, albeit extravagant gadget. For the mobile lifestylers, or those with small places, a mini projector can be described as a big screen TV that fits into your hand. All you need is a white surface to project it on. However, most of the mini projectors offer low brightness, some of the China ones are notoriously low, at only 20 lumens. At least this LG Minibeam Nano is rated 5x brighter at 100 lumens. But outside of a dark room, the image isn’t going to be that great.

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