ZenWatch would be available End December at S$299

Asus announced today that the ZenWatch, the first wearable device from Asus, would be available in Singapore end of December. Just in time for Christmas shopping. Singapore would be one of the first few launch countries to receive the new ZenWatch. Pricing information was revealed in slides during Systems Country Manager Mr Alvin Huang presentation, with a price of S$299 or about US$230.

The price point would peg it to the more affordable range of Android smart watches, alongside the Sony Smartwatch 3, which is expected to be S$298 and the LG G Watch, currently available at S$269. The Moto 360 currently retails for US$249 (S$320) and the LG G Watch R is expected to be priced at US$325 (S$410). Right at the end of the spectrum, we have the Samsung Gear S, which retails for S$498.
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A Cheap Activity Tracker – Vidonn X5 Smart Bracelet

Activity tracker bracelets piqued my interest recently. I always thought their typical pricing of $100-$150 was a little too high considering some don’t even have a display and rely completely on smartphone to view your stats. Fitbit Flex and Jawbone Up 24 are pretty much the market leaders but they are just too expensive for me. Thus when I came across the Vidonn X5 smart activity tracker bracelet, it caught my attention due to the promised features and low cost of only US$36.

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