Review: Sony Xperia XZ

The Xperia XZ is Sony’s best device yet, but in a competitive smartphone space, Sony faces a tough battle.

Retention of a classic design

The Sony mobile look is unmistakable. While the Xperia XZ has moved from an Omnibalance to a loop design, the sharp rectangular combinations is classic Sony and stands out from other phones. The top and bottom bezels are rather big, which makes it almost the same size as a Samsung Galaxy S7, which packs a 5.5″ display. The front display at 5.2” is adequate but in an era where the trend is big, big, big, it might feel a tad small when compared to peers rocking a 5.5” or bigger screen nowadays.

The colour scheme on the Xperia XZ is really cool though, especially the mineral black and the blue.

I like the fingerprint sensor on the Sony Xperia XZ. Positioning is great on the right side of the phone, as it is a comfortable position to rest your thumb (right hand) or to slide my index finger across when holding it in my left hand. I find it to be more ergonomically positioned as compared to the Samsung Galaxy S7. The scanner was also pretty accurate and responsive.

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