More Leaks & Updates on the new iPhone 5 / iPod and iPad

More Leaks & Updates on the new iPhone 5 / iPod and iPad

Its coming. 

Apple has invited the tech press to a special launch event on 12 September which no doubt means the launch of the next-generation iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 5. The event will be happening at 10am in San Francisco, California, and that means 1 am Singapore time on 13 Sep. This marks the long-awaited arrival of the iPhone 5, which many have been eagerly anticipating. What about the iPods? iPads?

From Left to Right: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch

We managed to get hold of some new leaked photos of the iphone 5. So what’s new? The rumours and anticipations were that it will come with a 4″ screen, new dock connector, metal back, and powered by the new iOS 6. The above photo was provided by a highly reliable source and it confirms the larger screen and new dock connector. The new iPhone 5 is also significantly slimmer as compared to the iPhone 4S. Most of the other features have already been confirmed as well such as the latest addition was that of the new battery which match the increase in height for the iPhone 5.

iPhone5 new Dock Connector

So what else does Apple have up its sleeve to wrestle back control of the Smartphone industry back from Google & Samsung? We are anticipating a refresh and update of the iPod Touch alongside the iPhone announcement. We have also recently heard of rumours of the 7.85″ iPad but recent news suggest that it might be delayed till October. I believe that is going to be the case as that would allow Apple to better manage the sales of its two top sellers.

The New iPod (s) Touch, Nano?

The iPod Touch has always been somewhat like a cheaper cousin of the iPhone 5, with lousier camera, specs and other features. In fact, with phones today being so feature-rich, is there still a market for the iPod Touch? My initial guess would have been that Apple would pull the iPod Touch off the market and focus on the iPhone, but on Sep 12, there is going to be a new iPod Touch announced as well. So what’s going to be new? It will definitely come with the improvements, new screen, new dock etc, even slimmer than the iPhone 5, but would that be all? I guess Apple could differentiate it as a pure gaming device targeted at the younger generation who may not own a smart phone. Or perhaps, own a Samsung Galaxy S3 with an iPod Touch to have the best of both Apple and Android.

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