The New iPad Mini – Singapore

The New iPad Mini – Singapore

Quite a number of pictures and mock-up videos of the iPad Mini have appeared. Seems like information leaks by Apple for upcoming devices are getting more common or it could just be a market strategy. Through unnamed sources from Apple and rumours from the tech blogging world, it is likely that Apple would do another launch event, keynote-style event for the iPad Mini on the 17 Oct and the iPad Mini would likely go on sale a week later. Possibly, units will be sold in Singapore from November.


  • 7.85″ screen
  • 4:3 form factor – 1024×768 (163 PPI)
  • Lightning Connector
  • Likely to feature same processor as new iPad
  • 16gb, 32gb
  • Thinner Bezel
  • 3G / 4G LTE Option

Launch Date

  • Estimate: 26 October 2012 (America)
  • Estimate: 02 November 2012 (Singapore)


  • It would be cheaper than the new iPad (S$658), and likely to be priced around S$498 to S$698 (depending on storage)

It is almost certain that Apple will release an iPad Mini in October. Would the new iPad Mini be a success? Apple track record with iOS devices have been nothing short of spectacular and we are anticipating similar stellar performance from the new iPad Mini. The draw of Apple’s current iOS devices is undeniable and massive. Just look at the iPhone 5 launch, the event itself generated so much hype and stocks are flying off the shelves. It’s an electronic commodity that appreciates in value after it is sold off the shelf.

With the larger iPad already well-positioned in the tablet market with 68% market dominance, the more diminutive iPad could crush the 7″ android competitors. Apple has no worries in terms of content, with the iTunes eco-system as robust, if not more so than Google or Amazon offering. The 7.85″ screen 4:3 is more suitable for viewing magazines as compared to the Android widescreen equivalent. It would lose out in terms of widescreen content though.