Additional Charges ($100) for Singtel CIS / Corporate Plan

Additional Charges ($100) for Singtel CIS / Corporate Plan

Information in this post has expired. Please check with Singtel / Singtel Exclusive Retailers for the latest pricing details!

The Singtel Corporate Plan offers quite substantial contract savings over the normal rack rates. For example, the 3G Flex Lite or IFlex Lite basic data / phone plan from Singtel I am on is about $28.85 on a corporate plan and that is 27% cheaper. I think corporate packages do differ slightly between companies but the average discount is about 25%. On top of that, there are other perks such as free caller ID and auto-roaming bundled. However, with the new change, customers now have to fork out an upfront $100 extra. This ridiculous new rule was “formed between the involved companies and Singtel“, with no further explanation given. The only indication of this is on Singtel iPhone price plan pages terms and conditions where it states, “Prices differ for Corporate Individual Scheme customers.” Apparently, the $100 only applies to iPhone purchases, while other phones are charged a $50 premium.

However, the corporate prices for Singtel are still the most attractive. Starhub corporate discounts tend to be at 20% while M1 corporate discount is the lowest at 10%. The other two telcos currently do not charge additional for phone purchase. While Starhub might look cheaper initially, after adding in the $5.35 12 months caller ID charges for Starhub, Singtel still wins.

If you are on Singtel Broadband, do consider switching over to the MIO plans as there is a mobile multi-line discount at the following rate.

2 mobile lines : 15% off monthly subscription
3 mobile lines : 20% off monthly subscription
4 mobile lines : 25% off monthly subscription

Upon having 3 linked mobile lines and up, it is more worthwhile with the 20% MIO bundled package. Furthermore, MIO bundles allow a 12 month re-contract cycle instead of the usual 21/24 months for the primary line. The mobile phone discount is significant at about $350 off.

3 Replies to “Additional Charges ($100) for Singtel CIS / Corporate Plan”

  1. Only now than realized Singtel charged additional $50 more (even worst $100 more) for CIS plan after so many months, and wasn’t informed. Regretted signed up a new line last week, only to find out that other telco didn’t charge that. Worst still the outgoing min. and data bundle are even much lower than other telco. My advised for you to check other telco before you sign up, or else end up regretted like me. btw anyone knows what’s the reason for the additional top-up?

  2. S4 buyers, the CIS surcharge is at $50… for MINDEF, this fee is waived though, not sure about other organisations…

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