Drivers for 802.11n USB WiFi Adapter

Drivers for 802.11n USB WiFi Adapter

I required wireless connectivity for my computer and my old adapter performance range was terrible. I bought a USB WiFi Adapter which supported up to Wireless-N. For a device under $10, it showed full connection as opposed to my old Linksys WUSB54G where the connection varied from 0 to 1 bar.

As for the adapter itself, It works great to add wireless connectivity to your computer or if you are looking to get an upgrade from Wireless G. It’s a compact design, smaller than even a thumbdrive and comes with a detachable antenna to improve signal strength. It uses a Ralink 5370 chipset which has been identified to work with the Raspberry Pi and also likely to work with the upcoming ODROID-U as well, but not proven yet. The RT5370 is a cost-effective, highly integrated USB Wi-Fi single chip containing an 802.11n MAC and can support various encryption modes such as WEP/WPA/WPA2.

One issue though is that in Windows, there weren’t drivers available for auto-installation and I had to use the drivers on the CD. Since CD/DVD drives are now less common on computers, I have provided an alternate source for the Ralink RT5370 802.11N WLAN drivers here. The drivers are for the Ralink 5370 USB WiFi adapter, and for Linux, Windows and MAC.

Interested to buy? You could pick one up from at US$9.40 or source for a cheaper deal through (use search terms such as WLAN 802.11N USB).

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