List of Free Media with Nexus 4

List of Free Media with Nexus 4

Nexus 4 comes with some great media free. This is similar to how Transformers was loaded with the Nexus 7. Of course if you’re in Singapore (outside of the US), you’re going to need a work around. I’ve also listed a list of the free movies / books / tv shows, and you can decide if it’s worth the effort. For Kiasu Singaporeans, what can be better than free stuf?


  1. Perform a factory reset.
  2. When you get to the screen to enter Google account skip it.
  3. Now when you got to the home screen, go to settings. Set up your wireless and connect to it.
  4. Set up a security setting for your lockscreen. Pattern,Password,PIN, define whatever you want.
  5. Under Wireless and Networks click more. Click on VPN, Add VPN. Use the following:
  6. Name: SuperFreeVPN, Server address: and click save.
  7. Connect to the VPN. For login details, refer to  If connected successfully you will see a key icon in the notifications.
  8. Go to Settings, under Accounts click Add Account and choose Google. Enter your username and password.
  9. Once your account is set up properly, the free media will be credited to your account. To access the free stuff, you’ll need to continue to be connected through vpn to access them.

List of media

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Real Simple

Falling Skies ( Two-Hour Series Premiere – Part 1: “Live and Learn” )

Planet Earth ( From Pole to Pole )

Flowers in Your Hair

Steel and Blood

Drinking Side of Country

The Descent

Would That Not Be Nice


Sweet Pain

Me and My Shadow (feat. Zooey Deschanel)

Condé Nast Traveler

House Beautiful Magazine

It’s Only Rock N Roll

Exclusive Ninja Tune Mix

The movies are available to watch on Youtube on desktop. Login to your account and look for Purchases. The free media would be listed there. VPN is required for transformers, but I could watch Planet Earth and Falling skies without VPN. The music are available at too.

I might have missed out some other free stuff as there might be overlaps with the media provided by the Nexus 7. These are basically the stuff I got added to my account when I logged in using my Nexus 4. (excluding all the media I received when I got my Nexus 7)