Nexus 4 Availability in Malaysia, Indonesia… What about Singapore?

Nexus 4 Availability in Malaysia, Indonesia… What about Singapore?

Singapore used to be known as the leading edge of consumer electronic products, but seems like it has been given a slight for the fastest Android phone at the moment, the Google Nexus 4. Resorting to US to import the phone in has been a faster option for most people. And well, even our neighbours in Indonesia and Malaysia would be getting their Nexus 4 next week.


As mentioned, pre-orders for LG-Google E960 Nexus 4 has finally kicked off pre-orders in Indonesia and Malaysia, with collection in the upcoming weeks. This is already the second time that Singapore is getting a later launch for the latest flagship Android smartphone. Selling at a price of 4,749,000 IDR ($609 SGD) and 1649 MYR ($667 SGD), would probably mean that the launch in Singapore may round it off at $699. Some other blogs are anticipating the Nexus 4 to retail under $650 in Singapore but that is unlikely for a couple of reasons. Singapore has lost its edge in consumer pricing as compared to our neighbours with the overall higher cost of living. Also, case in point would be the Nexus 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, both of which are retailing at a recommended retail price in our neighbouring countries lower than that of Singapore. For e.g. the Nexus 7 3G retails at RM 1099 ($444) vs a retail price of $499 in Singapore.

Price & Availability of Nexus 4 in Singapore

As for the availability of the Nexus 4 in Singapore, IMMEDIATE! You could actually buy one now from SGBest at $658, but it’s an import set. Otherwise, officially, the phone itself should not be too far away and if you are considering to pick one up soon, keep a look out for pre-orders and launches over the next two weeks by the three: Singtel, M1, and Starhub. In all likelihood, we will see the Nexus 4 bundled with a standard data/voice plan at about $349 – $399. While it is the best Android phone available at the moment, a quick look at the product launches in CES also indicates that there are many models lurking to usurp this position. The next season of Android phones come with features that look to be significantly superior and I think I would prefer to wait for the newer models. The price in Singapore is not that attractive. In anticipation, the new features such as the better screen (1080p resolution) and camera, and perhaps LTE, might be tempting to just wait out a few more months.

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  1. Nexus phones are always so expensive in Singapore. I remember the samsung nexus being priced more expensive than a SGS2 at that time. zzz.

  2. hi there,
    great article by the way, I’m from Indonesia, so i just asked for some information from Asus Indonesia about Nexus 7, and they just told me that here it’s going to cost is 7 million rupiah or around US$ 690 which is very disappointing to me, I even think that the price set by LG Indonesia for Nexus 4 is to expensive knowing that Google has been bragging about their competitive and iPad-killer prices bulls**t, and having said that of course it’s not Asus and LG Indonesia that pissed me off, it’s Google, I mean come on, if you are not serious about making flagship devices,then just don’t start making them, especially if you’re just going cold fish by saying “we’re running out of stock”, of course LG and Asus wouldn’t mind selling them with higher price in countries where people can’t order those two devices through Google Play, I mean seriously, I think the initial reason why people were taking these two devices seriously was the idea that they could have devices with decent specs at cheaper prices, but now that the prices turned out to be just like other devices with the same specs, then why not consider other options with way easier access in terms of purchasing? oh is it the Jelly Bean? those other devices will get an update anyway….aah just a little upset here, sorry for ranting.

    1. Hi there.. thanks for your comment. For that price for the NEXUS 7, go over to Malaysia or Singapore to pick up a set or get someone to send it over via registered shipping. We could do it for you with DHL if you are interested but we will need payment via PayPal first :) Looks like there isn’t a similar VPOST or ComGateway service for Indonesia, otherwise you could use it instead.

      I do agree with you on the portion that Google product sales presence in Asia Pacific is weak, but truth be said, it is similar for most countries out of the US as well. They are still not as product oriented as Apple, and I’m not sure if they ever meant to positioned themselves from that business perspective. The NEXUS device used to be aimed as a flagship device for Google software but now that they have also merged it to take the hardware crown and hence the mass demand for the Nexus devices currently.