Watch Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, iPlayer in Singapore (Region-Free)

Watch Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, iPlayer in Singapore (Region-Free)

Hola Unblocker is a browser extension that removes region locks and allows you to watch BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hula, Pandora, and more regardless of where you live. It doesn’t require any set up and works right out of the box.

We’ve seen a few ways to circumvent region-locking, including, changing your DNS server, VPN, and services like Tunnelbear. However, some of this services do not work all the time and to acquire a private VPN server could be costly. Hola Unblocker makes the whole process even easier. Just install the extension, and Hola Unblocker does the rest. You don’t need to reboot or change any setting in your browser. Currently, Hola supports Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, iTV Player, CBS, and Fox. It is not a VPN replacement but it is pretty darn close.


It is available as a browser extension (Chrome, Firefox), windows based executable if you are using Internet Explorer and lastly, an Android version as well. Download here.

Currently, Hola Unblocker is free and claims that it can be free because Hola’s “Better Internet” technology does not require us to have actual servers. As more people join the Hola network, they pool their resources to help each other make a better internet for everyone, and so Hola has no additional cost per user. That cost savings is translated into a free product. No advertising either. Hopefully that stays. And as these services go, use it while they last. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hulu, Netflix, iPlayer bands together to find a way to deny access, since the data is location specific and has licensing concerns. In the meantime, enjoy access to these web-based streaming sites.

I have tried out both Hulu and iPlayer from Singapore through the Hola plugin and it works very well. Streaming speeds were fast and other website connectivity was not affected either. Hulu is definitely the most polished of the current media streaming sites at the moment, but iTV and BBC iPlayer does have some unique shows that are worth watching too, like Downton Abbey. In terms of security, Hola’s network receives much of the same kind of information you currently send to your ISP when you surf the web. Since Hola’s communications are typically encrypted, it provides a higher level of privacy than regular HTTP browsing. In addition, SSL information is not cached so that helps addresses the security concerns somewhat.

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  1. Thanks for the article Sean. I personally use the UnoTelly DNS option. It’s ideal for content streaming because unlike VPNs, there is no internet speed loss when using it.