How to Connect to Wireless@SGx on your Android / iPhone

How to Connect to Wireless@SGx on your Android / iPhone

Singapore had spent a fair bit on a wireless connectivity infrastructure and offers the Wireless@SG and Wireless@SGx service. Starting from mid 2013, speeds are expected to increase twofold to 2Mbps. Wireless@SGx allows for automatic log-in unlike the Wireless@SG sibling. This allows for a seamless connection, similar to that of your home network, but there are a number of steps you would need to perform prior to this.

At almost every public building, shopping malls and McDonalds in the country, you will notice the open wireless network called Wireless@SG. Connection might be a bit slow though. Connect to the ID and follow the link to register and you will be connected to the cloud. As mentioned, for automatic log in to Wireless@SG, you need to connect to its sister network Wireless@SGx. However, with tightened security, tourists attempting to connect to the network would find it a challenge as you would require a local phone number to register a Wireless@SG account. You could attempt to sign up at the Airport when you arrive but some have pointed out that the service is no longer available.  

Android Wireless@SGX settingsFor Android phones, first find a place with the Wireless@SGx signal. After turning on your phone WiFi antenna and browsing the available SSID signals, connect to Wireless@SGx. There’s no need to install any application to perform this.

When the options pop up to configure the Access point, use the following settings.

Security: 802.1x Enterprise
Sub Type: MSCHAPV2

The first two should have already been entered and you would only need to customise the last sub-type option. Once done, save the settings and it should be able to connect.

For the user ID, you would need to enter the full username including of the domain, for example, mine is and for Singtel users, it would be @stm.

For iPhone / iPad, connection is easier, after connecting to the Wireless@SGx signal, Security should be pre-configured to WPA-Enterprise, and enter your user ID and password. Next you would need to accept the security certificate and that’s all.

Hope you find the above useful. Happy surfing!

6 Replies to “How to Connect to Wireless@SGx on your Android / iPhone”

  1. Hi
    Can you provide the settings if we want to connect to Wireless@SG through Windows 7or Windows 8 laptop.Is there any application that can tell us which sites have better signals and throughput eg if I am at Jurong Point but Wireless@SG is clogged but the nearby library throughput is better .Thanks

    1. Hi Jenny, for connecting via Windows 7 or Windows 8, I can’t exactly remember but broadly, there should be three main settings. Security Type – WPA Enterprise, Encryption Type: TKIP and Network Authentication Method: Microsoft Protected EAP (PEAP). Refer to this PDF guide for more information.

      I don’t have any program recommendation for the overall better signal quality as it is largely dependent on the number of users connected to the network at that point of time, not sure if there’s such a program that can give you that information. It would be quite useful however.

    1. Hi, your own password which you set with one of the providers.

      If you are using SIM authentication, then not required!