iNO One Plus – Information and Specs

iNO One Plus – Information and Specs

iNO are getting ready to launch the successor to the iNo One, an Android Non-Camera Smartphone, which turned out to be a great hit for the military folks. No surprises there really, what with the dearth of smart phones in this unique segment and the military unique requirement for a “OEM” certified non camera phone which proved to be a bane for other competition such as the iPhone or the Huawei camera-removed Honour.

Well, the iNO One Plus is a small incremental update to the iNo One, with a minor hardware bump.

Changes for the iNo One Plus:

  • Faster Processor – Qualcomm 1.2GHZ Dual Processor MSM8225.
  • Better Screen – IPS Capacitive Screen – Brilliant Colours, Wider Viewing Angle.
  • More Networks – GSM 850/900/1800/1900, WCDMA 2100
  • Slight increase of internal storage from 2GB to 4GB
  • RAM – No change
  • Battery – No change
  • Android Version – 4.0.3 (no Jelly Bean)

Physically, it will look the same as the old phone, other than a slight change to the casing to a glossy finish instead of matt, too bad that they maintained the same resolution and screen size of the phone. The increased network band would be good for those military personnel who travel frequently as it would now be able to accommodate more global networks. Performance of the phone have improved, with Antutu benchmark scoring it at 6469. The previous iNo One had a score of 4120, a 57% CPU Benchmark improvement. This would put it at a range of about the Samsung Galaxy S2 performance. They should have taken the opportunity to improve the battery as that was the biggest gripe. Considering that they were marketing it towards military personnel, they should have provided more juice to cater for those who are frequently outdoors.

ino one plus benchmark review

Pricing wise, the new iNo One Plus would be priced at $288. This is slightly more expensive compared to the iNo one with free 8gb micro sd card, screen protector, color hard case and extra battery at $268. We aren’t too clear on what are the free accessories that would be provided just yet, but it would likely come with 1 screen protector, a spare 2nd battery and a Non-detachable charger. Some camps are just picky. Overall, it is just a minor incremental update to the previous model. Regardless, the upgraded model should still be the model to go for, with the improved processor and screen justifying the $20 increase. Y2K Accessories Trading at 1 Rochor Road #02-632, Singapore 180001 have the iNO One Plus in stock and you can pick yours up today.


3 Replies to “iNO One Plus – Information and Specs”

  1. There’s no change in storage space.

    only the processor and screen was changed. and they changed the process only because the old one was too obsolete, they didn’t have spares any more.

    they are apparently designing a “ino-two” ino-one plus is just to meet demand in the mean time

  2. The internal memory has went from 512 MB to 2048 MB. The USB storage has went from 2 GB to 1 GB instead. Also, while it is advertised that there is 512 MB RAM, it is shown in the running apps that there is only 350 MB RAM available. On the contrary, on my HD2 flashed with Android, while the physical hardware only has 448 MB RAM, 400 MB of RAM is available for use.

  3. Total RAM space:

    Total internal memory space: