The New Nexus 7 V2: Leaked

The New Nexus 7 V2: Leaked

The new Nexus 7 V2 has broken cover and is now allegedly spotted, with leaked videos and pics. It is inevitable that the new Nexus 7 will be launched soon. The leaks have begin to flow, but sales would likely be for United States (as always) first, and Singapore availability to be by end of the year.

The new video (from Android Central) purports to show the second edition of Google’s 7-inch slate, and it’s accompanied by some snapshots as well. Stores in US have also leaked documents pointing to a new Google tablet commencing sales soon. Looks like it would just be called the NEW Google Nexus 7.

The device certainly looks legitimate and has the Nexus branding on the back. In addition, we also spotted an Asus logo at the bottom, means Google didn’t venture far from the original source of the Nexus 7. Sadly, at least for me, the new purported device again has a 7-inch LCD, but the resolution isn’t apparent in any of the pictures. I was hoping for a larger screen, something like a 7.5″ or even 8″ for the New Nexus tablet but I guess that’s not to bee. Backtracking from the previous decision to exclude the rear camera, looks like Google had decided to just include two cameras for the new Nexus tablet. The other specs are probably not too important, and the Nexus tablet would likely be a Qualcomm APQ8064, which is Snapdragon S4.


Price & Availability

One of the leaked documents indicate that stores in US will receive the tablet as early as the 20th, though the actual product launch would likely be the 24th or later, given Google’s product event on that date. And according to a shot of an inventory screen sent in by our tipster, the retail price for the 32GB model is set at $269.99. That’s about S$340 in Singapore dollars before tax. I am guessing it would arrive in Singapore at around August/September and priced hopefully at S$399, which still makes it cheaper than the Windows 8 RT tablet at S$488.