Google Nexus 5 Singapore

Google Nexus 5 Singapore

The Google Nexus 5 would take about 3 more weeks or 30 Nov to be exact to arrive on Singapore shores. It’s the best Google phone yet and would hopefully be affordable priced.

As a recap, the Nexus 5 sells for US$349, which translates to about S$460. With the usual price markup, my guess is that the retail price would be $648. A significant premium over the price in US. Why not buy the unit directly from Google and concierge courier it back to Singapore? The catch is the LTE bands are different and you would be stuck with a 3G only phone. If you can live without the 4G speeds and the gamble on warranty, it is not too bad a deal.

Alternatively, another option is the sister phone from LG, the Optimus LG G2. Specifications are slightly better than the Nexus 5, notably the improved battery capacity,larger screen and a 13 megapixel camera. The trade off is the quick access to the  latest Google software and also the loss of wireless charging which is offered on the nexus 5. I think wireless charging can be useful, provided you have invested into the whole ecosystem.

The LG G2 can be purchased from mobile retailers at about $680 and is available today. With Google Operating system having evolved to a stage where changes are generally incremental and most of the key changes can be installed as app updates, I might think it to be worthwhile going for the Lg G2 instead. What say you ?

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  1. Hi
    Which LTE band works for Singapore.How if I buy a Nexus 5 from Google Play in Australia or UK ..will the LTE band work ?

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