Overview of Broadband Plans in Singapore (From Cheapest to Fastest)

Overview of Broadband Plans in Singapore (From Cheapest to Fastest)

If you search for the best broadband plans, you might be flooded with a deluge of information, this would range from the now very popular fibre broadband, or the soon to be defunct ADSL or Cable plans. We’ve put together a quick summary to let you find the cheapest or fastest broadband plans to meet your needs.

The Fastest Broadband Plan at lowest cost – 1GBPS by M1.

Update 29 May 2015: With the upcoming PC Show promotions, it looks like M1 is still the cheapest fiber broadband operator in Singapore. A 1 Gbps plan only cost $39.00, but that’s provided you take on a two year contract. It is still a good $10 cheaper than competitors from newbie MyRepublic and the usual players such as Starhub and Singtel.

M1 offers a free mobile SIM data plan with the subscription. It’s not too bad if you can make use of it through a secondary tablet device. However, the default package does not come with a router. You can make use of MyRepublic free broadband trial to get a discount on the router, just saying.

Previously, MyRepublic launched a stunning attack on the three major telcos to undercut them by offering 1Gbps fiber broadband services with prices starting from $49.99. When queried on how the company was able to price its 1Gbps package at such an affordable price point, a spokesperson replied with the following statements:

MyRepublic is not like the big three telcos, we run a streamlined line company with most of our systems in the cloud. It is because of our thin operator model, we are able to take the savings from overheads and marketing cost to invest in our network.

Seems like MyRepublic is more focused or at least implied overall better support on infrastructure and support / manage their network.

They are also making it extremely attractive by offering rebates (up to $200) if you are on an existing contract, or if you have not installed the fibre termination point.

The 1Gbps plan is $49.99 per month, and offers:

Up to 1000Mbps Download
Up to 500Mbps Upload
Video Streaming Priority
No BitTorrent Blocking
$58 Service Installation
$100 Router Voucher
Home Voice Subscription
FREE Teleport Subscription (VPN)
24/7 Technical Support

A pretty good deal I must say. The higher end comes with improved latency and a free gaming mouse for the hardcore gamers.

Now, if you are looking for the cheapest broadband plan, then the distinction goes to Starhub.

Their cable plan is the cheapest Home Broadband plan package in town for 25Mbps at $24.90. (Singtel one is a tad cheaper if you can get the $24 10MBps ADSL plan, but still subjected to phone charges).

Comes with:
Voice-enable Cable Modem
Home Phone Line
Activation and installation
StarHub TV Lite~
16 FreeView channels
Rental of HD Interactive Set-Top Box
10% off Video On Demand titles

If you are an existing Singtel ADSL User, do consider calling in to ask for further discounts or transfer to the retention department, that’s where they have the most control on what they can offer to users.

Latest promotion from them is if you are terminating the ADSL, to request for – the fiber broadband plan @ 100Mbps for $34.95, in addition, 4 months free which works to an effective $29++.

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  1. Looks like the 25mbps cable plan has been phased out, and the minimum is a 50mbps cable at $29.90.

    You may wish to go for Fibre instead –
    Starhub occasionally will offer their broadband 100mbps plans at $29.90, alternatively, M1 is also having a 100mbps @ $29.90 offer.

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