Impress Your Date at Unique Locations this Valentine's

Impress Your Date at Unique Locations this Valentine's

Growing disenchanted of the fancy yet expensive candlelight dinners at highly frequented restaurants? presents a list of unorthodox locations, where you and your Valentine can dine with Foodpanda! Foodpanda wants to help geeks surprise their sweethearts with a warm hot meal with no cooking and cleaning.

This Valentine’s Day, Foodpanda also hopes to invite users to have a private celebration without the queues and crowds. Living up to its namesake as the number one online food market place, is able to deliver valentine’s dinner to anywhere from Pulau Ubin to Henderson Waves as long as you have a postal code / mobile number. With a matter of minutes of punching in your postal code, mobile app is able to provide access on the recommended food establishments that would be able to deliver a hot meal to us within 45 to 60 minutes.

Having a meal outdoors does not necessarily equates to a less romantic mood. Do remember to bring flowers, candles, a picnic mat and of course, music and speakers (here’s where those portable bluetooth speakers come in handy), to play your sappy love songs! Create an idealistic night, one worth penning down into your memories.

Foodpanda has a list of nice locations that you can consider for bringing your date to if you haven’t got any planned yet. There are some awesome locations listed and even if you are not intending to bring your date to them this Valentine’s Day, they are an awesome list to keep for future dates. Everyday can be Valentine’s Day. And these locations are all romantic spots that would impress your other half, and with hot piping food delivered to the location, I’m sure that will impress your date further.

I’m still out of plans this Valentine’s Day and my wife probably wouldn’t be too happy if we just sleep in this Saturday so I might just hit up one of this places and try out the Foodpanda delivery :)

Date Places To Check Out (by Foodpanda)

  1. Bukit Timah Railway (Rail Mall: S678040)
    Escape from the hustle, and get away from the bustling city. The Green Corridor at Bukit Timah Railway (you can walk from the Rail Mall) is one of Singapore’s best- kept secrets and potentially one of the more romantic places outdoors!

  2. Boardwalk @ Marina Bay (The Sail at Marina Bay: S018987)
    You do not need to spend an exorbitant amount to dine with a view! Feel the love of yours; dance around in the flames and fiery waters in the nightly light and water show set against the backdrop of Singapore’s famed skyline. Pick a spot and spread your picnic mat. What’s there not to love, with the view and the company of your loved one?

  3. Henderson Wave (Henderson Building: S159557)
    The conventional date would be broken up with a creative twist, in the form of the whimsical Henderson Waves Bridge. Take a moonlit stroll along this strikingly beautiful wave-like structure. Opt for a different date, with your own private space and a touch of nature.

  4. Fort Canning Park (Clarke Quay Central: S059817)
    For a little more privacy, have an unforgettable night on the lush lawn at Fort Canning Park. Interlock fingers and lie down on the well-manicured grass, gaze at the stars and ponder how fortunate the both of you are to have your stars aligned.

  5. Marina Barrage (Visitor Centre: S018951)
    Avoid the crowded malls and restaurants and take your date to the roof of the Marina Barrage, known for its picturesque view. Bring a bottle of wine along, and enjoy the panoramic city views while you tuck in.

  6. Labrador Park (Tamarind Hill: S119187)
    Labrador Park Nature Reserve is one perfect romantic spot for couples. Labrador Park boasts one of the most beautiful sunsets on our island. Take a stroll, hand in hand, along the coast. If you wish to have a picnic, there is plenty of shade along the scenic promenade for you to have your picnic.

  7. East coast park (Parkland Green: S449875)
    There are numerous spots on this stretch of beach, so sit together, enjoy and whisper something romantic or sexy into your beloved’s ears. Alternatively, you can sit down on the sand, dig your tired feet into the sand and have a meal specially curated for this yearly love affair for you to have your picnic.

  8. Rooftop @ Esplanade (Esplanade: S039802)
    Esplanade Roof Terrace offers magnificent views of the city and Marina Bay, landscaped with manicured lawns, shrub planting and small shade trees. Feel your sparks re-ignite, with the bright lights that dot the skyline of Singapore. Fall in love with the amazing view, and create your own romantic atmosphere by surprising her with a bunch of her favorite flowers for you to have your picnic.

  9. Staycation
    Staycations are immensely popular with Singaporeans. Perhaps it is due to the population density and most of us are living with our parents, so yeah. Singapore has many top / boutique hotels that you can choose from and they offer great weekend packages. With Valentine’s Day on a Saturday, it’s a perfect for a staycation escape.

  10. Home
    Impress your other half with a romantic respite at home (think lit scented candles, and scattered rose petals) Cuddle in matching pajamas, under the comfortable sheets of your bed and pop in your favorite movies.