Micro USB Hub + Charge for HP Stream 7

Micro USB Hub + Charge for HP Stream 7

On devices where port expansions are limited, a micro USB OTG Hub can come in very handy. Especially so for the HP Stream 7, which only has a single micro USB port for expansion. However, the same USB port is used to supply power to the tablet, and generic OTG Hubs with power capability are not able to support OTG and simultaneous charge on the tablet. This seems to be a common issue across Windows tablet, not just the HP Stream. The Dell Venue 8 was another tablet that faced similar issues, which is also compatible with this particular USB Hub.

After some researching, I identified that the following micro USB OTG Hub (ACASIS H027) was capable of toggling between various modes to suit a range of Android and Windows tablet products. I ordered from Aliexpress for about US$9.50, and although it took a while, it finally arrived.

There’s not much to be said about a USB Hub.

  • It’s well designed.
  • Small, Lightweight and Easy to Carry.
  • Good compatibility with OTG and Charge function
  • USB Wide Spacing

Packaging and Details can be seen in the pictures below.

On a laptop tablet device like the ASUS Transformer Chi T300, I had no problems supporting up to 3 USB Devices (Keyboard, Mouse, Gaming Headset) from the micro USB port without additional power input. Here, the micro USB port is not meant for charging.

However, on my HP Stream 7, I used Toggle 1 to use it as a USB Hub without additional power input. When connected to the charger, I had to switch to Toggle 2, which was able to charge and function as a USB Hub. The Windows icon did not indicate charging, but using an app such as BatteryMon, I could see the charge rate.

If you intend to use this more frequently, do switch to a high rate charger (at least 5.3V, 2A and above if possible).

acasis micro usb otg hub charge (1) (Large)

acasis micro usb otg hub charge (2) (Large)

acasis micro usb otg hub charge (3) (Large)

acasis micro usb otg hub charge (4) (Large)

acasis micro usb otg hub charge (5) (Large)

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  1. Was this able to use a USB device and charge the HP Stream 7 simultaneously, with full screen brightness? What is the charge rate? Thank you.