M1 mySIM Mobile Plan – No Frills with 5GB for $30

M1 mySIM Mobile Plan – No Frills with 5GB for $30

Ahead of any announcement of a 4th telco, M1 surprises us with a new mobile plan. Called mySIM, you can get a $30 monthly subscription for 300 min talk time, 1000 sms, and more importantly 3GB of data. If you sign a 12 month contract, the bundled data increases to 5GB. The difference is that these plans are essentially no frills, you would not be able to purchase a handset at a discount.

The plan also comes with free incoming calls, unlimited free calls to 3 M1 numbers, promotional waiver of first month’s subscription for Caller Number Display for new line and voicemail Service. After the initial month waiver, caller number display is charged at $5.35 per month. As a no frills plan, Corporate discount and Senior / Youth Benefits are not applicable on mySIM plans.

The removal of the handset discount may not be a bad thing. A similar plan, the i-Reg+, with 5GB of data, 100 more minutes, would set you back $81 per month. For a typical 21 month upgrade cycle, the difference is $1,071. Let’s take an iPhone 6 Plus as a basis of comparison. A brand new iPhone 6 Plus 128 GB would cost $1,448 from the Apple Store. With M1, the bundled price of the phone with the i-Reg+ would cost $430, a savings of $1,018. As the math works out, it would be better to buy the phone and plan separately. Typically most phones retail at a discount compared to the RRP, so you can usually get better savings from the other authorised resllers.

Also, with budget phone manufacturers like Xiaomi becoming more popular, or flagship alternatives such as the OnePlus 2, this option might make further sense. It’s good value, especially if you use a ton of data. Also saves the hassle of selling phones that you buy on a discount. The only worthwhile time is when new iPhones re released. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Plan Monthly Subscription Talktime SMS/MMS Data
mySIM 30 (12-month) $30 300 mins 1000 5GB
mySIM 45 (12-month) $45 400 mins 1200 7GB
mySIM 75 (12-month) $75 800 mins 2000 12GB
mySIM 125 $125 Unlimited Unlimited 20GB
mySIM 30 $30 300 mins 1000 3GB
mySIM 45 $45 400 mins 1200 4GB
mySIM 75 $75 800 mins 2000 7GB
mySIM 125 $125 Unlimited Unlimited 13GB
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