Netflix Comes to Singapore (Early 2016)

Netflix Comes to Singapore (Early 2016)

Couch potatoes can rejoice as Netflix will come to Singapore in early 2016. Singaporeans can sign up directly to Netflix movie and TV streaming service instead of jumping through confusing VPN/DNS hoops.

Netflix hosts a selection of popular TV shows and movies in high definition and Ultra HD 4K “on nearly any internet-connected screen”. Once launched, internet users in Singapore will be able to subscribe to Netflix and instantly watch a curated selection of popular TV shows and movies on nearly any internet-connected screen. Netflix content differs from region to region.

For example, did you know?

I want to watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier but it’s not available on Netflix US.
Where can I stream it? Answer: Netflix Netherlands

It will be great if Netflix brings exclusive content like Orange is the New Black to Netflix Singapore. Well, if not, there’s always workarounds. There’s this search engine called Filmefy. It allows people to search the movie or TV show they want to watch and find out where it is streaming on Netflix. When a user searches for a title, Filmefy tells him which Netflix region(s) have it available. It also pairs with the user’s UnoTelly account to allow him to easily change regions and start watching. Yeah, you would need an UnoTelly account to use this.

Netflix also announced it will open an office in Singapore in the coming months, making it the hub for its expanding operations in Southeast Asia. Concurrently, the service will also be launched in South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan early next year. We would expect that the other Southeast Asia markets – Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines will follow suit. In Singapore, Toggle and Mediacorp are considered the incumbent and will be in for a tough fight.

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