Jide Remix OS for PC

Jide Remix OS for PC

After the successful launch of Remix Ultra-Tablet & Remix Mini on Kickstarter. Jide is bringing their Remix OS to the next level by offering Remix OS for PC!

Remix OS is an Android-based OS that follow a typical PC experience such as Desktop support & Multi windows application. Jide aims to provide extended flexibility that stock Android could not provide at the moment. With the rising trend of larger tablet replacing computer in the market, Jide may hit the jackpot by attracting customers with their unique yet familiar interface.

Remix OS for PC is the 3rd step of Jide’s expansion for their Remix range

Built on the Android-x86 project, Remix OS for PC is compatible to most of the laptop & desktop that are running on Windows (or even Macs). It could be an alternative OS on your Surface Pro, a play-time complement. Based on their own benchmarking, it even overtake one of the best Android performer in the market (Galaxy Note 5) by 2 times. The only requirement is for your PC to have an USB 3.0 to run the system.

If your PC does not meet the requirement, you are able to experience Remix OS by purchasing the Jide Remix Mini at just US$70. Running on 64bit Allwinner Quad Core processor with 2GB ram, it might not be able to rival against chipset competitor such as Qualcomm & Mediatek, However, it does the job for video streaming/gaming smoothly.

Remix OS for PC is said to be available for public from tomorrow onwards for FREE(!) with Jide’s promise to provide constant updates for the OS.